We linked {open} data to make humans and machines smarter

We help People, Organizations and Governments embrace and exploit the emerging and disruptive Web 3.0 aka Web of Data.

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Digital Marketing Training

Our CEO, Emeka Okoye, will be facilitating for Lagos' Digital Marketing Training which will hold on March 10-11, 2016 at . .

Social Media Week

We are hosting a Lagos event, Digital Marketing, Branding and Communications in the Semantic Web, on february 23, 2016, starting by 4.00pm . Our CEO, Emeka Okoye, will be the host and presenter at the . Click for more details .

Smart City

contributed an article, Smarter Lagos, to the Open City Lagos journal. It is about how Lagos could be a Smart City from a bottom-up approach. Open City Lagos, published by , is a conversation with focus on our daily experiences, opportunities for development and inclusion. You can read or download the journal here and check page 17 for the Smarter Lagos article.

Semantic Web

Read the article written by on How the Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence will boost African fortunes on (published by blog).

About Us

Cymantiks was founded by our CEO / Chief Semantic Architect, Emeka Okoye, in . We are a consultancy and solution provider specialising in Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Software Development.

We advise, evaluate, engineer and implement Mobile, Semantic Web, SEO and Artificial Intelligence solutions. We help companies turn Data into Information and Information into Knowledge. We are a company of values. We love to keep things simple. We are all passionate in our work thereby making us super happy while we create value for you. We are committed to your success. We hire people who understand and solve business problems at the same time embrace and implement new technology. We are always happy to meet with you.

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Ontology Modelling

We model Ontologies for organizations to have data/knowledge models or controlled vocabularies that semantically describe entities within domains that can be shared by services within the organizations.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop Artificial Intelligence or Intelligent Agent solutions for organizations that want pro-active resource discovery, resolution of information challenges and value-added information services and products for their employees and customers.

Semantic Search Solutions

Our Semantic Search solution can create value for organizations in two ways: it helps employees and customers get what they want more quickly, and it helps them to find what they really need. When our Semantic Search enhances the value of your offerings, it enhances the value of your business. .

Semantic SEO Service

Semantic SEO is a Web Marketing tactic that combines search engine optimization and semantic Web technology with focus on artificial intelligence to understand a user’s intent . .

Digital Strategy Consulting

We create strategies for organizations to help them reach their consumers online via Search Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Digital Marketing.

Linked Data Strategy

We help organizations realize their Linked Data strategy. We provide engineering and consulting services to organizations that seek to publish, consume and transform Linked Data.

Semantic Website Audit

We help organizations to analyze how their websites are being interpreted or understood by the various major semantic search engines. .

Training on Web Data and Semantics

We offer semantic technology Training, seminar and workshops to help improve expertise in both semantic technology. Training can be as one-on-one tutorials or in a class/hall setting depending on requirements.

Knowledge Graphs & Big Data

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph is a disruptive platform that combines emerging Big Data and Graph technologies to reinvent knowledge management inside organizations. We craft platforms that aims to organize and distribute the organization’s knowledge, and making it centralized and universally accessible to every employee.


Linked Open Election Framework

Linked Open Election Framework

Music In Africa Ontology

Music In Africa ontology


Notjustok (on-going)



Mokolo Ontology

Mokolo Ontology


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  • Notjustok
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